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photo by Judy Beaupre


Anne Lueke is a Virginia-based free-lance photographer whose vision is continuously stimulated and inspired by the wonders of nature. Living in the country has provided her an endless variety of subject matter, and she enjoys finding creative ways of presenting it.  Her specialties are flowers and other subjects in the natural world.  Anne’s personal and expressive style shows in her uniquely-processed and often impressionistic images.


Anne has studied photography most recently with renowned Sicilian photographer, Alfio Garozzo, National Geographic photographer, Bob Krist, and with celebrated flower and nature photographer, Kathleen Clemons.  Additional influences have been the Impressionist Masters of the 19th century.


Also a musician, Anne is a classical guitarist, performing with the Virginia Commonwealth University Community Classical Guitar Ensemble.


Anne may be contacted about pricing for prints, canvas wraps, or notecards from the                 Page or by email at the following address:












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